Phase II Relief So Far
Phase II Relief So Far
A year ago, here in Nepal, the earth shook. People panicked, buildings fell, families were devastated, communities shattered. Like many other local and international organisations, UMN drew on all its resources and, supported by the international community, provided emergency relief to more than 12,000 families in severely-affected areas. 
Twelve months later, the streets of Kathmandu look much as they did before the earthquakes. However, out in the remote districts, families still live crowded together in temporary shelters. The rehabilitation work has been frustratingly slow, as government agencies struggle to deal with the enormity of it all. 
However, much has been accomplished in the last year. UMN and its partners have been able to relieve suffering and begin the long process of rebuilding communities and hopes. Please continue to pray for Nepal, for families still under tarpaulins or in temporary shelters, for bountiful crops to relieve hunger, and for the psychological healing that needs to take place.

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