Remembering Mary Martin
Remembering Mary Martin

It is with great sorrow that we advise you that our dear friend Mary
Martin passed away on Monday 20 October at her home in Grande Prairie,
Canada.  Mary came to UMN in 2000 and served first as Rehabilitation
Facilitator. She worked very hard to establish good training facilities
for physiotherapists in Nepal. From 2003 to 2009 she served as Technical
Team Leader, through the challenging years of UMN’s change process. In
2003 she received the International Health Award from the Canadian
Physiotherapy Association in recognition of her contribution to the
physiotherapy profession.

Mary had been battling cancer for the
last few years. Last Saturday was a glorious day with a bright blue sky
and Mary and her sister went for a long walk around the neighbourhood. 
That evening Mary complained of difficulty breathing, and she went to
bed. There was a constant stream of visitors, including her close friend
Elizabeth Barrie from England.  Mary was “present” with each of her
guests and frequently offered her trademark grin.  During Sunday there
were a number of hymns sung and in the late afternoon a semi-circle of
singers sang Companions on the Journey after which she opened her eyes
wide and was surprised at everyone who was there and said quite clearly
“Oh my, what a lot of you. Thank you for coming. Have you been offered
tea or coffee yet?”  She was always worrying about others!

took her last breath on Monday morning with family and friends close
by.  Her passing was completely peaceful, surrounded by love – a
“beautiful death”. There will be a prayer service on Sunday evening
(26 October) and the funeral on Monday morning at 10:00 am at St.
Joseph’s in Grande Prairie. Please pray for her family and friends at
this time.

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