Sign along
Sign along

Nepal’s National Anthem is very tuneful, with stirring words. It is sung with gusto by students at school assemblies all over the country. But not by deaf students. They have never heard it, and can’t join in.

Until now.

During a training programme for teachers of students with hearing problems, facilitators and teachers together developed a sign language version of the National Anthem. You can see and hear it being sung in video below or click here to watch in Youtube. Although it hasn’t yet been approved by the government, we hope it won’t be long before deaf students around the country can sign, while others sing.

The training, organised by UMN, took place in Rukum district, where 21 teachers from three schools which have special classes for deaf students learned about 600 words in sign language. They also learned how to teach the curriculum to deaf students, and how to make classrooms more friendly for students with hearing loss.

 “Instead of standing still with their arms folded during the National Anthem, deaf students will be able to join in,” said UMN’s Rehabilitation Co-ordinator, Damodar Pandit. “This will make them feel more accepted as part of the school community.”

And more accepted as part of the nation!

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