Sue has fun in Sunsari
Sue has fun in Sunsari

Over the past 4 months I have travelled to 6 of UMN’s clusters to facilitate a 2 day, basic level gender awareness training to UMN’s cluster based staff. This week I’m in Sunsari and will share the facilitation with Kamala Rai who will be joining me in undertaking gender work.

The training aims to give all UMN cluster based staff a common, shared understanding of gender concepts using practical activities to produce cluster specific information. UMN staff are able to use this information and undertake these activities at the local level to better integrate gender into all stages of their work with Partner Organisations and communities. We will follow up the training with futher support to the clusters over the coming 12 months.

Please pray:

  • giving thanks to God for the opportiunity to spend time in each cluster with other UMN staff
  • that staff will find the training a useful resource for integrating gender into their specific technical areas of work.
  • for continued safe travel and good health for us both as we undertake this work

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