World Anti-Human Trafficking Day today
World Anti-Human Trafficking Day today
UMN’s Housing support to help control trafficking! 
Landless families, especially women and girls, face risks of trafficking and sexual abuse due to temporary settlement and constant shift to new areas. UMN has been helping a number of landless families feel secure by contributing to the housing construction project. UMN has been running an Anti-Human Trafficking project in two rural municipalities of Rupandehi since 2017, where risks of trafficking are high along with problems of alcoholism, rape and other crimes. 
Arjun Pariyar, who now has a home to call his own expressed, “We could live without food for a day, but it was very difficult to live in makeshift huts and tents as it wasn’t safe from drunkards and drug abusers. I was always worried for my wife and daughter’s safety as there were risks of sexual abuse and attacks. But now that we have concrete houses with proper doors and windows, we feel safe from thieves, snake bites, rain and storms. More importantly, our daughters are also safe from getting into the wrong hands.” 

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