We grasped the opportunity
We grasped the opportunity

The only future we could see for ourselves was of domestic service at home, because we were illiterate; our minds were blank. We had grown up in a society where women are seen as subservient to men. That’s why we never got any opportunities. Our life was so difficult because our fathers and husbands were always drunk and beat us whenever they liked.

When UMN’s partner RRSK entered our village,a women’s group was formed. We learned to work together to work for change and development through women. Gradually we built our capacity to do activities in our group.
All this time, we were facing several problems in our daily life; one of them was lack of safe drinking water.We had to use river water for drinking. During the rainy season,many people, particularly women and children, got diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid and scabies. Our women’s group made a detailed plan and requested UMN and RSSK to help us solve this problem.Finally we were successful in providing three taps in our village, and now our time is saved and we use this saved time to grow food, and maintain personal and family sanitation.
Now disease has decreased a lot, and we are able to live healthier lives than before.We are glad that we are more capable,and well-informed in health matters.We know how to work in a group and how to live a healthy life.
By Basanta Thapa

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