Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

People who need healing.

  • Quick recovery of Ann McConkey as she broke her arm on Wednesday.
  • Manju Ayer as her wound is not healing and still bleeding; and also pray for her husband who has had a motorbike accident and is injured.
  • Good health of staff members in the field as the season is getting colder.
  • Staff traveling to and from clusters and other places.
  • Those who are going on home leave for Christmas celebrations during the coming week.
  • Wisdom for Nabaraj and Subash and other participants as they are involved in the Strategic Planning of a partner organisation.
  • Christmas celebration and meeting with UMN Alumni on Thursday in Thapathali.
  • Communications Team working on various UMN publications etc.
  • Continue to pray that General and Project Agreement renewal process will move forward and soon be completed.

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