Heavenly Learning
Heavenly Learning

Shree Shanti Higher Secondary School in Bajhang has a long history. It is the oldest school in the District, established by the progressive King Jaya Prithavi Bahadur Singh. Now, the school runs classes from Early Childhood to Senior Secondary (+2).

However, things were not going well at Shree Shanti School. Classes were not well-managed. Teachers used rote methods and corporal punishment was often used with children who could not or would not learn. Children often had to repeat grades, and many simply left.

Saraswati Singh is a Grade 1 teacher. She was not happy with the way things were done in the school, and when the opportunity came to participate in a Primary Education Strengthening Programme, initiated as part of a partnership between UMN and Shree Shanti School, Saraswati was delighted. She began to use the techniques in her classroom. Part of the support from UMN included a Tin Trunk of interesting teaching and learning materials, which really helped. She changed the daily routine, giving more variety for the children. Even their seating changed, from benches and desks to comfortable cushions on carpet. Learning games were introduced, and children were actively involved in class activities.  

The results were encouraging. Fewer children dropped out of school, and those who stayed achieved improved results. And even better, they enjoyed being at school!

Saraswati is named after the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge. She has certainly lived up to her name, creating a much more “heavenly” atmosphere in her Bajhang classroom. 

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