Road Brings Comfort
Road Brings Comfort
Om Bahadur Saru from Nawalparasi is the coordinator of the Ward Citizen Forum. He participated in the Participatory Planning Process facilitators’ training organised by UMN’s partner Isai Samaj Nawalparasi (ISN) and learned to identify the community issues. He also gained knowledge about budgeting and the planning processes of the government.
Dhaulabaseni is a remote village in Hupsikot Rural Municipality which wasn’t connected to a motor road. Children, old people and pregnant women faced difficulties to get to a hospital if they fell ill. Om Bahadur met with the community people, coordinated meetings with the local authorities, political party representatives and other stakeholders who could influence the planning process.
With his leadership the council approved the proposal for the road construction allocating NPR 200,000 (USD 1,947) to complete the work. Members of each household put in their labour as a contribution to the construction. Converting their labour into cash, around NPR 1,400,000 (USD 13,628) was raised from the community people.
Today, two-wheelers, tractors, ambulances and jeeps run on this road. Farmers are now able to take their products to the market too! Fortyseven households have directly benefited from the project. Everyone in the community has appreciated Om Bahadur’s leadership and the successful completion of this project. 

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