Tiny little feet are ready to walk
Tiny little feet are ready to walk
Born with clubfoot and as the first child in his family, the news of Sangeet’s physical disability had deeply saddened his parents and family members. And as he grew older, he couldn’t stand on his own feet like other children. Due to the family’s poor financial situation, they had only a shallow hope of getting treatment for him.
Sangeet’s mother came to know that UMN’s Pragatishil Yuwa Samaj (PYS) provided medical rehabilitation support including treatment to a child with a disability in her village. With their reference, he was selected to receive treatment in Kathmandu. The successful medical rehabilitation intervention (with a surgical operation on his feet) and three-month treatment stay in Banepa Hospital (HRDC) greatly improved the condition of his feet and legs. With the special treatment shoes (orthosis) provided by the doctor, he then returned home. He regularly wears the orthosis.
Sangeet, who was not able to stand on his own feet before, can now stand and walk easily. Like any other child his age, he can do all the daily activities such as walking, playing and even running with his friends. His parents are thankful to UMN and PYS for giving him a new life. Sangeet is an active child with a cheerful personality. His tiny little feet, once numb, are now ready to walk the new journey of life

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