Easy and safe to travel
Easy and safe to travel
My name is Ruda Tamang and I am 53 years old. I am from Dhuseni tole of Ree VDC. I am a farmer and live with my four family members that includes my wife and two daughters. 
I am working as a porter from Ghyangsangphedi to different parts of Ree VDC. I need to travel from one place to another during my work.  The physical infrastructure especially foot trails have been damaged in Ree VDC due to the mega earthquake of 25 April 2015 and the aftershocks that had followed after.
Since these foot trails were damaged, most of the community people had no option but to walk through another trail road which was very prolonged and dangerous. The alternative trail was very unsafe and as a result, two people have already lost their life from the same trail road. 
We therefore requested HIMS Nepal and UMN for the maintenance of foot trails. After that, they assisted to restore the damaged foot trail. Now the trail construction has been completed and there is no problem to travel safely from one place to another place in Ree VDC. As a porter, I particularly feel very happy as I have benefitted after the renovation of the foot trail because it is safer now and has saved my time too. 
Community people, domestic animals, travellers and people from another VDC have easy access after restoration of the foot trail. I want to thank UMN and HIMS Nepal for providing such kind of support and making our life easy and safe.

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