Restoration of my business
Restoration of my business
My name is Jit Bahadur Tamang and I am 58 years old. I live in Chuiritar, Mahadevsthan VDC with my ten family members. I work as a rice and maize mill owner which I established two years before. My mill runs through the electricity generated from Malekhu khola Micro Hydropower II. 
I am a farmer and I have fruits and kitchen garden near my home. I use the lift pump to pump water for my garden which runs from the electricity generated from the same source as my mill.
The micro hydropower was damaged due to the earthquake of 25 April 2015 and its aftershocks. After its damage the rice mill work halted for three months. I was worried about whether it would be repaired. It was very difficult for me to maintain and manage finances.
When UMN and PRAYAS Nepal provided support in the repair and rehabilitation of micro hydropower plant, I could finally resume my business. The repair is now completed and the electricity generation capacity has also increased by 2 KW. As a result, I could run my rice mill with full voltage capacity. Before repair, about 50 households were taking benefits from the rice mill. After repair, I established the maize mill as well which is providing service to about 26 households. 
I am earning about NRP 6,000 per month from the mill. I have grown oranges, lemon, beans, radish, cauliflowers, onions, bitter guard among others in my garden and I sell these items in the local market. I am earning about NRP 1, 50,000 per season by selling fruits and vegetables. As a mill owner and farmer I became very happy after the rehabilitation of this micro hydropower plant as it has contributed in my livelihood. I would like to thank UMN and PRAYAS Nepal for their support as I have been able to continue my business.

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