Learning skills to build better
Learning skills to build better

My name is Sun Bahadur Tamang. I am 33 years old and I live in Ree VDC. I have a son and a daughter and they are studying in school which is located within the VDC.  I am a skilled mason and nowadays I am working in construction of earthquake resilient demo house constructed by HIMS-Nepal and supported by UMN. 

After the massive earthquake of 25 April 2015, my house was damaged and I had built temporary shelter. I was working in the field as a farmer and the income was only sufficient to fulfil our daily basic needs which affected our economic condition. After few months, HIMS-Nepal with support of UMN organised seven days mason training in my village for construction of buildings by using earthquake resistant technology. 
I was able to participate in the training where I learned about the techniques about building houses safely by using earthquake resilient technology. This training made me understand that we can build back better. 
After some months I heard that HIMS-Nepal is constructing a Demo House at Salleri, Ri VDC. I started to work there as a trained mason which helped me to learn about building an earthquake resistant house practically which I had learned in the training. 
After working in construction of demo house, I learned many techniques to build this house. So, I am skilled enough to make an earthquake resistant house through practice. I can now take the first installment from Nepal Reconstruction Authority and I have plans to make earthquake resistant houses. By working here, I could earn my living which improved my economic condition as well. 
I feel very lucky to get such a nice opportunity to build houses under technical supervision by this social organisation. So, I want to thanks UMN and HIMS-Nepal for giving me knowledge, chance to practice and for supporting our VDC to build back better.

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