Life made easier
Life made easier
My name is Unaya Tamang. I live in Kokhim, Jharlang VDC with my six family members. I am 51 years old and a farmer.  I also work as a mason and carpenter for my livelihood. In leisure time, I make Doko, Dalo, Bhakari which is made up of bamboos and used for carrying and storing grass, paddy etc. But we were facing problems of transporting the materials that I made to market due to damaged and narrow tracks.
Since the track was difficult to walk, people of Meyam and Kokhim had to use a very long route to reach their village. We didn’t have any option rather than that. It was very difficult to transport agricultural commodities, fire wood and carry goods through mules through the damaged track.
Many people had accidents while travelling through the track. Things changed for better when the track was constructed with the support of UMN and HIMS Nepal. I also got involved in the construction of this track and earned NRP 13,000 (EUR 112.08) in cash for work.
Community people like me have easy access after the construction of the track as it is easier to walk, transport materials through people, cattle and mule. People of Meyam, kokhim, kalamarang, Nacho, Tarchi, and Paticho villages are using this track for their daily activities. Now, 100 to 150 community people are walking daily through the repaired track. I would like to thank UMN and HIMS Nepal for their support.

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