Environment, Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction
Enhancing knowledge and capacity of vulnerable communities to restore ecosystem services to cope with the impacts of climate change by adapting, mitigating and building resilience.
1. Ecosystem Restoration
UMN is playing a catalytic role to restore degraded ecosystems to improve the ecosystem services of farmlands, forests, wetlands and pasturelands in both hilly and terai regions. Restoring productive ecosystems provides nature-based solutions to environmental and economic problems. UMN realises a greater need of community-based forest management, watershed management, wetland conservation and increased financial investment for restoring important ecosystems to support food security and conserve biodiversity.
2. Climate Change Adaptation
UMN is building the coping capacity and knowledge of vulnerable communities to adapt to the negative impacts of climate change and to capture new opportunities. Farming communities are supported by raising their environmental awareness and practice, including the use of climate-smart agricultural practices and technologies. We also encourage vulnerable communities to diversify their economic opportunities, to become more resilient to impacts.
3. Climate Change Mitigation
UMN enables communities to understand the impacts of climate change and our role, as global citizens, in reducing the impacts by using renewable energy, promoting energy-efficient lifestyles, planting more trees to offset carbon emissions, raising awareness on ecosystem restorations, and more.
4. Disaster Risk Reduction
UMN's Disaster Risk Reduction initiative aims to reduce the impact of natural disasters on communities and improving their resilience. UMN is involved in strengthening community-based Disaster Risk Reduction efforts, mapping risks, supporting policy creation, facilitating establishment of early warning systems for risks, and building capacities of vulnerable communities by increasing their access to climatic and non-climatic risks, preparedness/mitigation, and response.
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