Nawalparasi West Cluster
Nawalparasi West is an industrial district. Major agricultural products are sugar cane, wheat and rice and many people work in the related sugar, flour and rice industries. Like other districts of Nepal, many people go for seasonal jobs to nearby cities, India and Gulf countries for income. UMN’s working areas are in the southern part bordering India with both Hindu and Muslim communities. From the district’s total population, 78% of people are literate (male 86% and female 70%) and 2.4% of people are living with a disability.
At a Glance
UMN started working here in
UMN beneficiaries / Population of working areas
24,686 / 90,651
Working areas
Palhinandan Rural Municipality
Pratappur Rural Municipality
Office location
Bardaghat Municipality
Local partners
Indreni Social Development Forum (INDRENI)
Sunwal Community Development Centre (SCDC-S)
Key Social and Development Problems
  1. domestic violence against women
  2. dowry system
  3. unemployment
  4. school drop-out
  5. child marriage
  6. drug abuse
  7. vulnerability to disasters, primarily floods

We have been working in health, livelihoods, peace and protection, gender equality, disability inclusion, child rights, disaster risk reduction etc. to bring impact on women, children, people living with disabilities, Dalits, Muslims, farmers, daily wage labours and people living in the flood-prone areas.

Some Key Achievements Last Year
groups formed and mobilised
child clubs and 1 rural municipality-level child club network established
child protection committees formed
committee of people living with disability formed
students received educational materials
households received support to construct toilets
households received drinking water supply support
people received income generation support
village clinic constructed
flooding check walls constructed
hand washing corners supported in 20 households
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Latest Highlights
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Current Projects
  1. Integrated Rural Community Health (IRCH)
  2. Gender Equality
  3. Ending Domestic Violence through Community Dialogue and Mediation
  4. Building Resilient Livelihoods of Vulnerable people living in Pratappur (ReLive)
  5. Disability Inclusive Development (DID)
  6. Strengthening Child Rights in Pratappur (SCRIP)