16 Days of Activism
16 Days of Activism
UMN’s different clusters marked the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence starting from 25 November till 10 December through different activities under the global theme, ‘Orange the World: End Violence against Women Now.’ Gender-based discrimination and violence are huge problems across the cultures of Nepal. UMN requires all projects to address gender equality and many projects specifically focus on gender-based violence and inequality.
The 16 days activism in our working areas commenced with rallies, lighting candles and formal events discussing our roles in ending gender-based violence. In one location, a public commitment was made by stakeholders and community people by signing over the flex print which had a message “I won’t do violence, I won’t tolerate violence and will protest if I see it, I will raise my voice.”
Interesting activities like rallies, street dramas, song and dance competitions, mass signature campaign and interaction programmes were organised during these 16 days. UMN collaborated with local partners and local governments to organise some of the events. 
The events spanning 16 days have come to an end, but UMN is committed and strives to work in issues surrounding women and the human rights of all and to inspire actions that support their dignity and freedom.

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