Christine gets engaged !
Christine gets engaged !

Christine Preston retired to UK on November 22, 2009 after 15 years of dedicated service in Nepal.

Since returning to UK my life has been full of adjustments including  learning how to run a home and make responsible choices in a supermarket. Most weeks there have been one or two meetings with churches, prayer groups or schools sharing about Nepal and the work of UMN. This has meant my head has been full of the people with whom I worked, the partners and their communities, the roads, buses, mountains and Patan. It has been good to meet friends from the past and one has become very special. I have known Norman Smith for over 50 years and appreciated the support and care he and his late wife offered during home assignments. They visited twice so Norman understands my heart connection with this country and its people. We became engaged in May and will be married in the spring at our home church.  We both have an assurance that this is God’s provision for us at this time and look forward to sharing our lives for as many years as He gives.


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