Creating safe and child-friendly schools
Creating safe and child-friendly schools

People in Nepal are still facing the brunt of the 2015 earthquake, especially in rural regions. The temporary learning centers in schools of Dhading were therefore upgraded as per the requirement to make earthquake resilient school building as well as to create a child-friendly learning environment.

Temporary Learning Center Up-gradation project aims to make schools a safer place to study. An inauguration programme of three schools in South Dhading was held on 11 September and was handed over to the community.
Two classrooms of three schools in Mahadevsthan VDC had been recently upgraded through the programme. 48 students of Panchakanya Primary School will benefit from the newly refurbished classrooms. 125 students from Ghairang Primary School and 201 students of Rawaldanda Lower Secondary School will benefit from the project.
The programme was inaugurated by the Regional Education Director Dinesh Shrestha. The project has been running under the DDRP programme of UMN with support from its local partner PRAYAS Nepal and District Education Office. 
The construction cost of Panchakanya Primary School was around 1.7 million and most of the expenses were spent on labour and transport. The construction process was not easy mainly due to inaccessibility to the roads. Moreover water had to be carried for two hours and it took one to two hours to transport the construction materials to the site. 
The equal wage provision for male and female labourers for the construction and their unwavering support made it possible for the construction to be successful. School dropout rate has also decreased and students are regular to school after the construction. As the building is earthquake resilient, it can also be used as the evacuation place at the time of disaster.
So far,Temporary Learning Centers of 14 schools have been upgraded. The plan is to construct 45 more learning centers in Pida, Mahadevsthan and Jharlang. 

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