Trevor Strong passes away
Trevor Strong passes away
Dear Friends,
This is to let you know that Trevor Strong passed away earlier this week.
Trevor had been staying in an assisted-living home in Foxford, Ireland, having lost his wife Patricia several years before. The home was situated on the banks of the River Moy, from which Trevor fished for salmon well into his eighties. 
After the War, in 1947, Drs. Trevor and Patricia came to re-open the Duncan Hospital in Ruxaul, India. As a result of his caring for injured Nepali soldiers during the 1950 revolution, Trevor, along with Ernest Oliver who would later become UMN’s first Executive Director, received King Tribuvan’s invitation to visit the secluded Kathmandu valley. Trevor and Patricia remained in Duncan until the 1970s, when they came to work for UMN in the Shanta Bhawan Hospital. In 1987, they came back to Nepal in order for Trevor to become Patan Hospital’s Medical Director; when the Health Services Director post fell vacant, he assumed both jobs for the next two years.
In addition to their pioneering leadership roles, the Strongs will be remembered by many who came under their unique brand of personal nurture. To have Trevor and Patricia as friends was to feel oneself deeply esteemed – both by them and by the Lord.
Trevor’s funeral will take place on Tuesday 27 September. 
Messages can be sent to his daughter Dorothy at

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