Dr Rachel honoured with 2080 award
Dr Rachel honoured with 2080 award

Congratulations to United Mission Hospital Tansen (UMHT) hospital director of nearly 20 years Dr Rachel Karrach who received the Kamal National Virtuous Award 2080 (Nepali year for 2023-24) on Saturday 23 March in recognition of her ‘tremendous’ contribution to health services. This award is presented by The Academy for Education, Health and Literature in memory of Kamal Raj Regmi who was a famous intellectual and politician in Palpa District.

Dr Rachel, who also celebrated 30 years of service in Nepal in February 2024, shares: “For me it is huge honour and I am very touched to be recognised by the local Tansen community in this way.”

The award was established by a son and daughter-in-law of Kamal Raj Regmi, cardiologist Prof Dr Prakash Raj Regmi with his wife Upasna Regmi. Kamal’s wife Bimal Regmi also had a strong connection with the hospital – she worked as a nurse in UMHT for ten years in the early days with Dr Carl Friedericks and Dr Iwamura. One of UMHT’s nurses is awarded the Bimala Regmi best nurse award each year in her memory.

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