325 people receive mental health services in Rukum
325 people receive mental health services in Rukum

A two-day free mental health camp was held in Rukum East last week that saw a significant surge in attendance compared to the previous year, indicating a growing awareness and willingness to seek help for mental health concerns. It was organised by Bhume Rural Municipality, in collaboration with the local governments, Health Office, and District Hospital of Rukum East.

“This broader partnership helped break the stigma surrounding mental health and allowed more people to be comfortable seeking support. I am happy to see an increase in understanding the importance of mental health, however we must do more. We are thrilled to see so many people taking advantage of this free camp,” shared Hom Prakash Shrestha, Chairperson of Bhume Rural Municipality.

The camp benefitted 325 people (209 women and 116 men) through the treatment, psychological counselling, and free medicine provided by the senior psychiatrist and psychiatrist of the Mental Hospital, Lagankhel, Patan. Also, 22 health workers renewed their skills in clinical mentoring.

“We hope that this momentum will continue the partnership and lead to a future where everyone feels empowered to seek help for their mental health wellbeing”, shared UMN’s Rukum East Office Project Manager-Health, Nabin Prasad Chaudhary.

The success of this camp demonstrates the importance of making mental health services available, accessible, and of good quality, delivered by trained health workers.

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