Every house now has a toilet !
Every house now has a toilet !

Ward 3 in Magma has been declared an Open Defecation-Free (ODF) Zone on 6
June 2011. Every house in Magma Ward 3 has its own toilet! Magma is
about five hours away from Rukum District Centre in West Nepal.

in this ward has been poor, at personal, household and community
level.  People live close together, and keep pigs and other domestic
animals, but the sheds are not kept clean.

UMN’s partner, N-PAF
(Nepal Public Awakening Forum) has formed women’s groups in the area.
Three groups were established, empowering women with income generating
activities, and raising awareness about health and sanitation and
gender-based discrimination. A government campaign on sanitation and
clean water sources helped, as did additional funding from UMN. N-PAF
has encouraged them, and given NRS 1500 to each household as a subsidy.

guests from government agencies attended the ceremony on June 6. 
Representatives of the political parties were also there. The leader of
the UCPN (Maoist) said: “We should recognise women’s groups and commit
ourselves to supporting them in the future.”

The District
Drinking Water and Sanitation Office representative for this area spoke
to motivate the community. He said: “This is a women-led project, so it
will be sustainable. We should try to support women in the future.”

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