Gurus’ Peace Talk
Gurus’ Peace Talk

Five leaders from 5 different faiths shared a platform to talk about peace for the very first time in Morang, Sunsari. UMN and its partner CDF (Community Development Forum) have formed an Interfaith Peace Network Committee and have been working together for the last five years.

On Monday, February 21, the interfaith peace network organised a programme where  five gurus of five faiths (Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Kirat and Muslim) presented their papers on ‘Peace’.  The leaders emphasised on how everybody should work together for  peace and start that by showing love and respect to the people in our community regardless of their faith, gender or caste.

The leaders signed a banner titled, “Sustainable peace, desire of all”. The participants demonstrated their support by signing on the banner as well. A local radio station in Morang had a live broadcast of this event.  

Balkumari Pun Rai, team leader of UMN’s Sunsari Cluster said, “The success of this event is an achievement,  in fact a day of great celebration for the peace network committee.”

This one-day event was followed by a press conference on Tuesday morning.

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