In March 1954, a dozen representatives of various mission met and hammered out a set of eleven principles which would provide a framework for a new type of organisation. They completed their work on 5 March, and so the United Christian Mission to Nepal, later the United Mission to Nepal, was born. 
News about the new mission spread rapidly in the UK, North America, Europe, Australia and India. By September, eight organisations had agreed to join. They were:
  • Regions Beyond Missionary Union
  • Church of Scotland Mission
  • American Presbyterian Church
  • Methodist Church in Southern Asia
  • Zenana Bible and Medical Mission (now InterServe)
  • World Mission Prayer League
  • Swedish Baptist Mission
  • United Christian Missionary Society
Discussions usually boiled down to this question: Is this the opening and way that God is giving us to enter Nepal? And the answer was: “Yes, this is the way that God is making and giving to us.” This conviction became the glue that really put UMN together, and which has held it together ever since.

(Jonathan Lindell, Nepal and the Gospel of God, p 146)

May we continue to follow God’s leading into our 62nd year!

Photo: Back row; Roy Hagen, – , Ralph Cunningham; Third row: HC Duncan, Ruth Watson, Alma Hagen, Jean Raddon, Betty Cunningham, Fran Swenson, Becky Grimsrud, Jeanette Leathead; Second row: Daniel Mukhia, Elizabeth Franklin, SurjamatiRongong, Rita Skillbeck, HC Pradhan, – , Esther Fritz, Daisy Fowles; Front row: KD Mukhia, – , – , Dale Lethead.

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