Pray for the didi-bahinis
Pray for the didi-bahinis
In many communities, even traditional ones, there are remarkable women who have tremendous drive to achieve change and make life better for the people of their villages. Ruth Ghale is one of these. Ruth was fortunate enough to receive an education, and has made the best possible use of it. She teaches at Ruptung Primary School, is a non-formal education facilitator and a church leader, and is on the board of UMN’s local partner, Namaste Rural Development Organisation. Namaste has been very involved in earthquake relief efforts, including the initial emergency relief stage and the current distributions of blankets and sleeping mats. 
Ruth has a passion to see the “didi-bahinis” (women – literally, older and younger sisters) of her community become bolder, able to read and write, and even use mobile phones (a real sign of empowerment in rural Nepal). As an active member of the local United Pentecostal Church, she has also been involved in efforts to form bridges between the Christians and the Buddhist community. She says that there have been less conflicts since they have been meeting and talking with each other. 
“Please pray for the didi-bahinis,” she urges. “Pray that they will be able to speak up for themselves.”

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