Learning Review at UMN
Learning Review at UMN

UMN’s Learning Reviews are a great time for all our staff to get
together, hear about each others’ work, catch up with friends and learn
about new initiatives. Last week, almost 150 staff from all over Nepal
gathered in a big tent at our Thapathali headquarters. Even unseasonally
heavy rain on the last day didn’t dampen their enthusiasm.

highlight of the Review was the morning devotions, led by Mark Galpin
and Lyn Jackson. Over the five days, we covered the WHOLE Bible story –
well, most of it! From the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem, we heard
the basics of the Bible, and then worked in groups to create posters
that connected the story with our UMN Vision, Mission, Values and
Fullness of Life model.

For Christian staff and staff of other
faiths, it was a fascinating opportunity to explore the truth of what we
often say – that as a Christian organisation, we build our work on a
biblical foundation.

The posters showed amazing creativity and innovation, clarity and thoughtfulness. They really are works of art!

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