Micah Network Forgiveness and Reconciliation – An opportunity for reflection
Micah Network Forgiveness and Reconciliation – An opportunity for reflection

The Forgiveness and Reconciliation programme run jointly by Micah
Network Nepal and UMN has had enormous impact in the lives of many
Christians, enabling them to find inner peace and restore harmonious
relationships through exercising forgiveness.

After five years,
it’s an appropriate time to stop and think about the achievements of
the programme, and consider plans for the future. Around 35 people
gathered last Sunday to do just that. They included representatives from
Jesus College, Ebenezer Bible College and Paul Theology Seminary
College. The gathering was a valuable opportunity to hear the
experiences and reflections of those who participated in or facilitated
the Forgiveness and Reconciliation programme. Micah Network launched a
reference book, written to give pastors and theologians biblical
material for sermons on reconciliation.

The goal of the
Forgiveness and Reconciliation programme is the spiritual and physical
transformation of conflict at different levels – individual, family,
church and community. The Forgiveness and Reconciliation course has been
taught in Bible schools and seminaries, mobilised youth and mediated
individual and community conflicts. The project, funded by Himalpartner,
phases out in December 2015.

However, 2016 will see a new
programme between Micah Network and UMN being developed. In the future
(2016-20), UMN will work with Micah Network nationally to develop a
network of high-level Christian mediators who will work to resolve
conflicts within and among Nepali churches and their communities, and
also influence the government and political leaders at the national
level from a Christian perspective.

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