Responding to the Bajhang earthquake
Responding to the Bajhang earthquake
On October 3, 2023, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.3 ML, followed by another measuring 6.3 ML, struck Nepal’s Bajhang District. Unfortunately, this event resulted in the loss of one life and left 27 others injured. Notably, the impact extended beyond Bajhang District, significantly affecting neighbouring areas too.
The two areas worst affected areas were Thalara Rural Municipality, one of UMN’s working areas, and Jayaprithivi Municipality, where approximately 664 households are fully damaged, while an additional 408 houses incurred partial damage.
Remarkably, the earthquake did not damage essential kitchen utensils and grains within private residences. However, with the impending winter season in mind, UMN in collaboration with its local partner PYS coordinated the distribution of tarpaulins, blankets, and foam mats to 200 earthquake-affected households in Ward 9 of Thalara. This effort was undertaken yesterday and today (11 and 12 October) in close coordination with the Local Disaster Management Committee and District Disaster Management Committee.
Our prayers are with the affected families, hoping for their swift recovery.

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