Celebration and learning
Celebration and learning

Recent days have been a busy and happy time for UMN. All UMN staff from the district and head offices as well as some hospital staff gathered in Kathmandu for the ‘Learning Review’ annual week of training and sharing from 29 October to 2 November, followed by a social ‘Bhetghat’ celebration on Friday 3 October. Now the Board of Trustees have gathered from across Nepal, India and around the world to meet in person.

Nepal’s development priorities, tax, overcoming disability and social inclusion were covered by guest speakers at the Learning Review, while the Gallery Walk featured highlights and lessons from a huge range of UMN’s work including holistic healthcare, bioengineering, involving parents in education, real-life steps to bringing gender equality and so much more. We held synergy sessions to explore the way forward in various areas of work, and gave awards for living out UMN’s values and for long service. Then the Bhetghat on Friday was a fun celebration with outdoor games and time to relax and play or dance.

We are grateful for the achievements and lessons from the past year and for this opportunity for gathering and reunion.

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