Step forward for an inclusive world
Step forward for an inclusive world
More than one billion people in the world and one in five in developing countries live with some form of disability (WHO). But they are still deprived of basic facilities such as health care and education. This year’s theme, “Building Back Better: toward a disability-inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID-19 World,” stresses the importance of inclusion of people with disabilities (PWDs) in all aspects of society and development.
UMN is running projects related to disability in six districts: Bajhang, Doti, Kapilvastu, Mugu, Okhaldhunga and Rukum. The projects focus on empowering PWDS by addressing their specific needs such as support for medical rehabilitation, education materials, training and provision for livelihood activities and facilitation support for the inclusion of PWDs in community structures such as groups and planning processes. The disability projects specifically focus on the people living with disabilities who are poor, marginalised, Dalit, women, children or elderly people so that they also get access to development services (such as education, health, disaster protection and response) and therefore a fair chance in life.
For International Day of Persons with Disabilities, here’s an inspiring story of three-year-old Sangeet Upadhyay from Bajhang who can now walk with comfort after a successful clubfoot treatment.

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