Visitors in Rukum
Visitors in Rukum

Fi McLachlan and her husband Mark are back from their trip to
Rukum.  Fi was in Nepal for UMN’s board
meeting which was on the 16th and 17th of November. While they were in Rukum they
stayed in a Nepali home, which was one of the highlights of this trip.  With very hospitable hosts, they were able to
learn more about the  Nepali culture,
learn a few Nepali words, laugh and have fun. 
They also visited some other villages which allowed them to see some of
UMN’s work and its impact on people’s lives. 
The famous Syarpu lake with the fish project was definitely not missed. Fi
said “Right through from our Clusters to our partners, to people the
partners are serving, we have seen the values of UMN being rolled out.”

They also had a fruitful meeting with the Cluster team and
were able to encourage the Team Leader for the marvelous work they are doing in
such a remote region of Nepal.

She said, “As a board member I don’t want to
underestimate the real cost that some of our UMN staff pay to work in these
remote areas. For many they are working away from their families and children
for long periods of time,  giving up some
of the comforts that they may have if they were with their family or in
Kathmandu. God will honour them for their commitment and hard work.”

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