Welcome to UMN Lyn !
Welcome to UMN Lyn !

“Once upon a time, there was…”

Everyone loves a story. There’s nothing like a good story to connect with people, to catch their interest and convey a message. Good communication is about good story telling.

Lyn Jackson has been telling stories for years – first as a primary school teacher, and more recently as manager of TEAR Australia’s communication and education work. Lyn has just joined UMN as Communications Director, keen to tell the stories of UMN’s work in Nepal.

This isn’t Lyn’s first stint in Nepal. From 1999 to 2002, Lyn served UMN as Education Director, managing education projects from Karnali to Kathmandu. A lot has changed since those days, in UMN and in Nepal. Things are done differently now, but UMN’s commitment to serving the people of Nepal in the name and spirit of Jesus has never wavered. And people’s lives are still being changed as a result.

These are stories worth telling!

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