Fullness of Life
Fullness of Life

When Jesus sat on that rocky hillside in Palestine and looked out over the crowds, he saw people in desperate need. He saw people who were hungry and sick; people who were frightened, ignored and marginalised; people whose religion and culture demeaned and oppressed them. To these, he said: “I have come that you might have LIFE, and have it TO THE FULL.”

Jesus still says this to people struggling with poverty and injustice today. At UMN, we seek to bring people and communities in Nepal closer to the “fullness of life” God’s intention for all his creation. Come with us as we travel to three very different parts of the country and discover how people are living fuller, richer lives, thanks to the work of UMN and its partners.

  • Share the joy of a fabulous catch of fish;
  • Smell the aroma of food cooked without clouds of choking smoke; and
  • Join Maili and Maijom in praising the God who longs to see fullness of life for all!

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