Nabin’s Exposure Visit to Bajhang
Nabin’s Exposure Visit to Bajhang

I am Nabin Raj Moktan. I completed my school level education in Bhojpur and higher education in Kathmandu. While I was a student in Kathmandu I had the opportunity to work as a teacher for about 9 years, a development worker for 4 years, and a social worker for 7 years. At the same time I had the opportunity to lead people in different formal and informal organisations as board member and policy maker.
Over the past few days I have had the privilege to visit UMN’s Bajhang Cluster as the newly appointed Cluster Team Leader (CTL). Meetings with individual staff and especially with the current CTL Madhu Thapa helped me understand the programmes of Bajhang Cluster. Although it is very hard to understand the details of the work within these few days I was able to get a glimpse of UMN’s work in Bajhang.

From this visit I realised that Bajhang is a remote and less developed district of Nepal, which means that it is underdeveloped in education, infrastructure, socio-economic aspects, etc. I found that people of Bajhang are culturally rich and also rich in natural resources.  So there are possibilities for prosperity in this district.
I found the cluster staffs professional, cooperative, energetic and practical. Their level of competency is very high. This will help me to fulfil my responsibilities to provide leadership and direction to the Cluster in order to implement the strategy and activities of UMN. There is no doubt that turning big ideas into practical realities present many challenges.
My opportunity to work with UMN as Bajhang CTL is not because of my own abilities, education or experiences, it is because of the grace and love of our triune God and the prayers and encouragement of my family and friends. I do believe that God chose me to serve his creation especially the poor, marginalised, vulnerable and needy people. My hope is that I will not rely on my personal abilities but my availability to the team and master craftsman, as He moulds me for His work. Through this journey may I find grace and mercy for myself, my team, and the community people.  

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