Prayer Priorities – August 23, 2022
Prayer Priorities – August 23, 2022
“This is what the LORD says: ‘Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place.”

Jeremiah 22:3 
We encourage everyone who is praying for UMN not only to raise our requests but to listen to God on UMN’s behalf. Please take time to read this Bible verse slowly to yourself. Pause and ask God to speak through His Word. Then read it slowly again. Settle and calm your mind before you pray.  
  • For the joint monitoring event that took place in Bajhang Cluster last week. Cluster team organised the event jointly with partner NGOs, elected representatives and government officials.
  • We are grateful that the Integral Mission Forum has been resumed on a regular basis so that like minded organisations have been able to discuss and share about contemporary missional agenda.
  • We are also grateful that God has sustained us through the challenges and difficulties and also provided enough resources. Great is His Faithfulness!
  • Please continue to pray for God’s favour at the High Court hearing next Monday.
  • Finalisation of revised Cluster Strategic plans.
  • Pray for the working group which is preparing to explore the possibility of UMN working in a new Cluster area.
  • Continue to pray for Expat visas: 14 visas are in process. Please remember Dewan as he deals with Government Officials. 
  • Please pray for Sagar and his family for peace, comfort, and strength to go through the rituals and grieve as he lost his dear father.
  • Please pray for Rabbi (staff) and Bishal’s wife, Jyoti (Spouse of staff) for they both are now going through further tests and treatment for cancer. May God touch and heal them completely, His comfort be with them and may they have enough resources for treatment.
  • For the recruitment of a programme officer for the new Disaster Risk Management project in Bajhang.
  • For the investigation of an allegation of financial misappropriation in a project in Bajhang. 
  • For Sisne Rural Municipality in Rukum East where some members from thirteen Churches are receiving gender facilitation training to help them lead small groups dealing with family and gender relationships.
  • In Tansen, the national nurse anaesthetist course (AAC) has begun again after some disruptions. We will be training three people for a year in anaesthesia, beginning in the coming week. Pray for their time in Tansen and successful training that will contribute to health care in Nepal.
  • The orthopaedic wards and operating theatres are busy places restoring people to mobility and health after injury. Pray for the doctors and nurses working in these areas.
  • Okhaldhunga Community Hospital has had a lot of staff in isolation with COVID. Please pray for their recovery, that it will stop spreading and especially for protection of sick patients. Pray for sufficient staff to be healthy to cover the work.

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