Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

pray for

  • Safety
    and protection of staff traveling to and from clusters and other

  • Phil and Pratiksha leave for the UK
    on Wednesday. They’ll be celebrating their wedding (again!) at
    Phil’s church in Newbury. Pray that this will be a wonderful
    event and good trip.

  • Safe
    travel for the Lockwood family going to Ireland for a family wedding
    , especially that Peter will be able to manage the travel with his
    broken ankle, continue to pray for good healing.

  • Good
    closure for the Mollestad family as they pack up and leave Tansen on

  • Continue
    to pray for healing of Ratan Ale from Jaundice and Gall Bladder

  • Pray
    for full recovery from illness and the health & strength to
    return to work for Dr Erik in Okhaldhunga.

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