UMN Expat Retreat
UMN Expat Retreat

UMN’s Expat Retreat is a real treat – a time for UMN’s expats to get together, talk, laugh, learn and pray. For this year’s retreat, we all descended on the Chitwan Paradise Hotel. The retreat featured elephant rides, canoe rides and jungle walks, as well as times of learning and worship, led by Malcolm and Cati Ramsay.

Our UMN T-shirt model is Asha Wright, fearlessly leaping into the river to cool off. Asha and Jack were both awarded for their dedication in wearing UMN T-shirts almost continuously during the weekend.

The weekend was not without its drama. One of our canoes received unwanted attention from a local resident, a very large crocodile. And Peter Lockwood, following Asha’s example, plunged into the river, only to break an ankle. Please pray for Peter, who is due to go to the UK shortly for his brother-in-law’s wedding.

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