Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

Please pray for

  • Ministry
    of Health and Population team are planning to visit Okhaldunga Hospital in the first
    week of February. Please pray that visit goes in a positive way.
  • Hospital
    agreement process work to obtain tax exemption certificate.
  • Josh
    and Sarah Riggsbee with their children Chloe and Elijah as they move this week,
    begin to set up home and settle in Tansen.
  • Paul
    Chhetri’s father for good recovery and health.
  • Pray
    for Durga Upadhyay’s father (85 years old), who is sick and bed ridden and in
    critical condition.
  • Ramesh
    Shivabhakti is not well as he had a motorcycle accident in Malekhu last week.
    He has sustained a minor injury and recovering.
  • Preparation
    for UMN Central Programme Advisory Committee (CPAC) meeting next week, on
  • Himal
    Hydro board meeting is on Friday in Delhi, India. No one
    can attend from UMN.
  • Safety
    and protection of staff traveling to and from clusters and other places.
  • Wisdom
    and guidance for all planned works and activities.

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