A reason to live in this world
A reason to live in this world
Fullness of Life:Well-being & Security, Dignity & Respect, Hope & Freedom

After the death of her husband, 28-year-old Yanu Maya GC found it very hard to survive and provide for her two children. She worked as a house labourer in her village, Tilotama. To add to her troubles, people in the community began to thinking negatively about her, as widowhood is frowned upon in Nepali society, and widows are seen as unlucky.
One day, her friend suggested that she join the Laliguransh Self-Reliant Group (SRG), where they used to collect small amount of money as savings and provide loans to group members to start up small-scale businesses. She was motivated to join the group, expecting some training, or direct or indirect support from the group. After joining the group, she got the opportunity to participate in a training programme organised by UMN’s partner NASSO, about how to prepare local food items like Chana, Chaumin and Chat Pate. After the training, she was interested in starting a small business so she managed to find NRP 10,000 (AUD 130) and borrowed NRP 5,000 (AUD 65) from the SRG. She opened a small shop adjacent to the school, where she prepared Chana, Chaumin, Pakauda and Chat Pate for the students and teachers. 
From this, Yanu Maya is making enough income to support herself and the two children. Every day, she makes profit of up to NRP 1,000 to NRP 1,500 (AUD 13-18). Her lifestyle is gradually improving. She said: “I am very thankful towards NASSO, as it showed me a path for my life. Where before I had no ideas or skills to do anything, but NASSO do a lot to help single women like me.”  She also emphasized: “Due to NASSO, people’s perception about single women has changed; they provide me with hope for living and for my family’s survival. So I am very thankful towards NASSO. It has given me a reason to live in this world.”
By Rama Chaudhary, Social Mobiliser, NASSO

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