Joyous Junu
Joyous Junu
For Junu Chepang from Charudi village in Dhading, education was just limited to theory. But after being exposed to UMN’s Sangsangai (Church and Community Mobilisation) two-year training, she learned about practical ways to help the community. She has been actively working as a facilitator in the Sangsangai process.
Despite financial problems, Junu’s parents had made sure their four children received an education to improve their future prospects, and Junu continued to secondary school. But she explains: “I was studying just to get good grades to pass in school. But I didn’t learn the practical part of how to work collaboratively in family and community,” shares Junu.
Junu’s life and her perspectives towards family and community changed dramatically after her involvement with Sangsangai: “Through it, I developed positive feelings for my family and community and it has motivated me to act in my community.” She found a purpose in life.
Since then she has been supporting families, groups, and community activities. “Our group has also grown closer to God through the training programmes and outreach. Groups and communities are learning together and implementing tasks such as helping the needy, maintaining hygiene in the community and doing road maintenance,” she explains.
Together she and her four friends were also able to raise NPR 6,000 (USD 50) for an old man she met at the village who was alone, couldn’t move around and faced financial problems. They supported him with food and other items.
Junu is very grateful for how Sansangai has made a lasting impact on her life and on those around her. She continues to implement her learning and joyfully reaches out in whatever ways she can to make a difference in her family, church and wider community.

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