Trauma affected me for decades
Trauma affected me for decades

When I was 17, I was on my way to work as a wage labourer when my uncle who accompanied me passed away suddenly and I was forced to spend the entire night alone. I also had to perform the death ritual alone and returned home carrying the body. This traumatic incident hit me hard, and I started suffering mentally. My symptoms worsened, leading to isolation and unsuccessful traditional healing attempts. Treatment in India helped but cost was a concern. In 2022, UMN introduced a mental health project in Bajhang. Initially resistant, I eventually sought help at the health post, where my condition improved with medication, counselling, and income support. Now, I lead a normal life, engaged in goat rearing, grateful for the community support and hopeful for a better future.

As news of Nar Bahadur’s successful treatment spread, other individuals with mental health issues began visiting the health facility. The project supported them by procuring essential medicines and providing counselling services.

Nar Bahadur Bohara, 52, Bajhang

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