Addiction away from home
Addiction away from home

I was a disciplined student from a modest background in Bajhang, excelling academically until I moved to the capital city, Kathmandu, for better education opportunities. Away from home, I fell into addiction to smoking and alcohol, which led to insomnia, decreased appetite, and strained relationships with family. Concerned, my father sought help from traditional healers, but my condition worsened. But then, UMN’s mental health orientation to a mothers’ group led them to recognise my issues. They arranged for a psychosocial worker to meet me, then I was taken to the nearby Dahabagar health post. After assessment and collaboration between the health post and UMN’s mental health project for financial support, I was referred to a mental hospital in Kathmandu where I received treatment. After two weeks, significant improvement was noted, and I resumed my normal life, attending college regularly. My father, initially relying on superstition, now expresses gratitude for my fresh start.

Rajesh*, 17, Bajhang

* name changed

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