Doti Cluster
Doti District, situated in the Far Western Province of Nepal, is home to a diverse and vibrant population and is known for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage with historical significance.
At a Glance
UMN started working here in
UMN beneficiaries / Population of working areas
7,384 / 30,990
Working areas
Badikedar Rural Municipality
Bogatan Phudsil Rural Municipality
Office location
Jorayal Rural Municipality
Local partners
Centre For Equal Access Development - Nepal (CEAD-NEPAL)
Rural Community Development Centre (RCDC)
Key Social and Development Problems
  1. Low agricultural production and
  2. High unemployment,
  3. Many residents seeking seasonal employment in India and other countries as migrant workers, due to the low agricultural production and high unemployment.
  4. Caste-based and gender-based discrimination remain prevalent. The practice of Chhaupadi, which involves isolating women and girls from their households during menstruation and after childbirth, continues to persist in Doti.
  5. Limited access to quality healthcare and education services for residents of Badikedar and Bogatan Phudsil due to their remote locations and a lack of essential equipment and trained human resources.

UMN’s projects uplift economic conditions by improving agricultural practices and income-generating activities, as well as equipping local health institutions and public schools through capacity-building events and support. We empower individuals through a group approach and regular civic education sessions aimed at raising awareness of harmful traditional practices, such as caste-based and gender-based discrimination, child marriage, and chhaupadi, among others.

Some Key Achievements Last Year
people received income generation support
children were supported with educational materials
child-friendly classrooms were setup
health workers received capacity building training
people living with disability received treatment
water mill constructions were supported
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Latest Highlights
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Current Projects
  1. Badikedar Integrated Community Transformation Project (BICT)
  2. Children Oriented Resilient Development (CORD)
  3. Climate-change Impacts Mitigation & Adaptation for Environmental Sustainability (CLIMATES)
  4. Improving Healthcare System of Bogtan, Doti, Nepal (IHSP)
  5. Rehab Ambassador Dennis Bryne (RAD)