What UMN is Doing #2
What UMN is Doing #2
  • Rescue Network Nepal is moving its operations into Makwanpur district.
  • An
    advance team from Nepal Christian Relief Services left for Gorkha
    today. UMN will provide them with funds to help purchase 1000 emergency
    aid kits which include basic food items, mattresses and tarpaulins.
    Their other partners are Practical Action Nepal and Trinity Salvation
    Church, Chitwan. NCRS expect to be working in two VDCs.

  • A team
    of paramedics has arrived in Dhading from United Mission Hospital
    Tansen, and are waiting to go out to North Dhading. The District Health
    Office has requested 2000 hygiene kits.

  • Warehouse space has been
    identified in Dhading; teams of volunteers have been trained and are
    ready to depart. Our UMN team in Narayanghat and our two Indian
    partners, EFICOR and CASA, are working hard to procure the necessary
    goods. We hope that distribution can start towards the end of this week.
    Baseri VDC has been removed from UMN’s list, as another organisation is
    working there, but Satyadevi has been added. This means we will be
    supporting about 8,600 households.

  • Okhaldhunga has been added
    to the list of “most severely affected” districts. It is estimated that
    about 500 houses have been completed destroyed and 4,500 houses are
    badly damaged. At least 15 Health Posts and 11 schools have been lost.
    There is an acute need for tarpaulins, mattresses and blankets, food,
    pots and pans and other household equipment. Later, there will be a big
    rebuilding job to be done. Okhaldhunga Community Hospital is providing
    support in the villages through its network of local village health
    workers, and is planning further emergency responses.

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