What UMN is Doing #3
What UMN is Doing #3
  • Nepal Christian Relief Services’s team has arrived back from Gorkha, having distributed food and tarpaulins to 1100 households, in partnership with Practical Action. The assistance of volunteers from churches in Chitwan was much appreciated.
  • Scores of volunteers have been busy sorting and packing the massive volumes of food items arriving in Dhading. More than 1000 packages of food have been prepared ready for distribution. This is a huge job, and is on-going. Many of the volunteers come from the remote areas, but live in the district centre for work. They are eager to do what they can to help relief get to their home villages as soon as possible.
  • Procurement of relief materials continues. This is a complex task as demand is high, especially for rice. Some delays have occurred because of the slowness of financial transactions between UMN’s bank and the vendors’ banks. 
  • After a long and difficult journey by truck and tractor, a UMN team arrived near to Ree VDC and were able to distribute relief materials for 436 households. Breakdowns and punctures delayed the group, but they have returned safely to the district headquarters. 
  • UMN has been able to arrange a helicopter with Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and today (Saturday) is flying small teams and goods into Lapa and Jharlang. This is a great encouragement, as trying to reach these remote VDCs has been impossible till now. 
  • A consignment of trucks should leave India tomorrow with supplies sourced by UMN’s partner CASA for distribution in the three southern VDCs for which UMN is responsible. 
  • UMN’s Health Team has received 100 “Dignity Kits” for women and 450 “Safe Delivery Kits” from UN Women. The Dignity Kits contain some basic clothing and underwear, hygiene items like soap, combs, nail cutters toothbrushes and toothpaste. Distribution will prioritise pregnant women and women with disabilities. 
  • The rice planting season is upon us, and unless paddy is planted, families will not have food for the coming winter. UMN is liaising with World Food Program to source 66.8 MT of rice seed and 464 kg of vegetable seed for farmers.

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