What UMN is Doing #6
What UMN is Doing #6

Nearly there!

As you can see in the graphic below, UMN has
nearly achieved 100% coverage of its 7 allocated VDCs in the provision
of emergency relief supplies. This has been an enormous effort we are
grateful to our staff, particularly the staff in Dhading, our partners,
and the many volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this possible. We
particularly want to recognise Missionary Aviation Fellowship and World
Food Programme, for helicopter transportation into remote, inaccessible
areas, and Samaritan’s Purse, which provided 4000 tarpaulins, 8000
blankets, and kitchen utensil sets.

In other news…


Health Team has successfully completed Community-based Management of
Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) and Infant and Young Child
Feeding-Multi-micronutrient Powder (MNP) training with health workers
and in three DhadingVDCs (Mahadevsthan, Salyantar and Darkha) as part of
the emergency nutrition response. We have also established Outpatient
Therapeutic Program (OTP) centres in each of these VDCs. Cases of severe
acute malnutrition are already enrolling in these centres. Hopefully,
these children will recover soon.

Nepal Christian Relief Services

Wright reports from Saurapani, Gorkha. He is there to assist withthe
distribution of 25kg rice, 2kg daal, 1kg salt & 1L oil to 865
households; 1 bundle of corrugated iron sheeting to 130 households; and 5
bundles of corrugated iron sheeting to 2 churches.

Seeds and tools

the monsoon rapidly approaching (forecasts indicate early June) it is
vital that crops get into the ground in the next week or so. In southern
areas of Dhading, paddy has already been planted, but in the north this
had not yet happened. UMN is seekingrice and vegetable seeds from FAO.
Discussions about tool kits are on-going. The kits provided by UN
agencies need to be adapted to Nepali expectations.

Plans for Phase 2

for the reconstruction and rehabilitation phase is moving ahead well.
UMN plans to be involved in 5 Dhading VDCs: Lapa, Ree and Jharlang in
the north, and Mahadevsthan and Pida in the south. We are currently
exploring partnerships with other organisations and developing more
detailed plans and budgets.

Nearly there! A massive effort; just a few more flights and our emergency relief phase will be completed. Now comes the…

Posted by United Mission to Nepal on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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