What UMN is Doing #9
What UMN is Doing #9

UMN’s Phase 1 Emergency Response is officially completed!

25 April, UMN has distributed emergency relief materials to 12,179
households, including an additional 1,910 households that were not part
of our original target. (These are generally small pockets of villages
with whom we had a long-standing relationship, and who had been
overlooked by other agencies for various reasons. The figures here also
include distribution of some “left-over” materials to some of our
dedicated volunteers.)

Here are the final figures on UMN’s earthquake response in Dhading district. In addition to the 10,200+ households in…

Posted by United Mission to Nepal on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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Phase 2 – Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
is well underway for UMN’s two-year work in Dhading district, where we
are committed to a longer-term strategy in five VDCs. Here are some

  • A two-day workshop was held with our three key
    partner organisations last week. This was a good opportunity to work
    together, thinking through priorities and available resources and
    discussing community needs and strengths.
  • A list of positions needed in the Dhading response team has been made, and we will begin recruiting next week.
  • UMN
    will partner with Tearfund UK in our “shelter” response. People will
    be able to build their own houses, with support provided in the shape of
    cash/vouchers for materials and labour.
  • Designs for Temporary
    Learning Centres are being finalized; these could be partly constructed
    in Kathmandu, and components transported to some sites.

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