Kapilvastu Cluster
Kapilvastu, a district in Lumbini Province of Nepal renowned as the birthplace of Buddha and a hub of Awadhi speaking culture, sustains an agrarian economy exporting rice and wheat, yet struggles with pervasive poverty and inequality. Our working areas border India; the majority of their population is engaged in agriculture but people often go to India for employment too.
At a Glance
UMN started working here in
UMN beneficiaries / Population of working areas
30,796 / 102,290
Working areas
Mayadevi Rural Municipality
Yashodhara Rural Municipality
Office location
Kapilvastu Municipality
Local partners
Dalit Social Development Centre (DSDC)
Key Social and Development Problems
  1. lack of awareness about rights and entitlements
  2. environmental degradation
  3. poor governance
  4. low-quality education (adult literacy is 73% in Mayadevi and 69% in Yashodhara)
  5. stigma and discrimination faced by women, people living with disabilities, and marginalised groups

UMN’s primary focus in Kapilvastu is to empower the poorest of the people living in poverty, with a special emphasis on women, Terai Dalits, smallholder farmers, children, adolescents, people living with disabilities and marginalised communities like Natuwa and Pattharkatta. To achieve this empowerment UMN is engaged in projects related to health, education, and community development, including livelihood improvement, disability inclusion, environmental sustainability, climate change adaptation, and fostering peace and stability. Our work focuses on equity and justice, as well as peace and reconciliation. We are committed to achieving a more inclusive and harmonious community for all.

Some Key Achievements Last Year
automatic sanitary pad dispensers installed in five schools
groups mobilised
private and public ponds restored
electric shallow tube wells installed
households given income generation support
health facilities started providing mental health services
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Latest Highlights
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Current Projects
  1. Strengthening Community Resilience through Livelihoods and Environment Improvement (SECURE) Project
  2. Child, Youth and Community for Change (CYCC) project
  3. Local Capacity for Peace (LCP)
  4. Improved action against Domestic violence (IDV)
  5. Medical Rehabilitation Project (MRP)
  6. Enhancing local capacities on Mental Health Prevention and Management (Mental Health Project)