1, 2, 3, Ignite!
1, 2, 3, Ignite!
In the past two weeks, 23 UMN line managers came together in several groups for ‘Ignite’, which is a two-year programme to build capacity of our UMN leadership.
It consists of eight modules, each running for three months. Each module covers a specific topic, and is a mixture of group sessions, teaching, mentoring, personal assignments and ‘on the job application’. By this, we hope to strengthen our teams, and help us as an organisation to better work towards our vision of fullness of life for all in a transformed Nepali society. 
This second module we just started covers the topic ‘self-management’. These days gave us lots of interesting reflections, discussions and points of learning about our day-to-day roles as team leaders. We examined our habits, challenges and possible ideas and solutions. It was great to see how many diverse ideas and experiences we have in our midst. 
We hope and pray that these ‘sparks’ will ignite much growth and impact across our teams and beyond!

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